Cairo 52 Legal Research Institute is committed to creating a safe for writers, researchers, and others who wish to engage with policies, laws, and human rights in Egypt. Thus, the institute is welcoming pitches or entire articles on different topics:

  • Sexual and bodily freedoms in Egyptian law and international treaties. (Sexual and bodily freedoms include rights of sex workers, LGBTQ+ people, bodily autonomy, and freedom of bodily expression, among others.)
  • Analyzing political and economic policies in Egypt from a feminist activist perspective
  • Legal analyzes of the status of sexual and bodily freedom in Egypt (Such as analyzing cybercrimes and their impact on bodily autonomy or analyzing case law regarding adultery, among others.)
  • Critically analyze hate speech on the internet (social media policies or the impact of such speech on targeted groups in real life, among others.)
  • Critical analysis of gender-based violence

We also welcome pitches on other topics such rights of people with disability, freedom of speech, rights of people living with HIV, the impact of the current economic crisis on vulnerable groups, and social welfare. Cairo 52 Institute encourages those who did not publish before sending us pitches.

General guidelines for articles:

  • No less than a 1000 word
  • Original work only that was not published before
  • Fact-checked and backed with resources, preferably added to the body of the article as hyperlinks

The fee for the published article is 1200 EGP.

Please send us a pitch of no more than 300 words together with a short bio to: