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Media Observatory of Arrests Based on Sex Work from January 2023 to December 2023

The “Media Observatory of Arrests Based on Sex Work from January 2023 to December 2023” report by Cairo 52 Legal Research Institute provides a detailed examination of the legal and social landscapes of sex work in Egypt. The report highlights significant findings, such as the 154 arrests related to sex work recorded in 2023, with a notable increase in January and a decline in June. Of these, 42 arrests (27%) were based on complaints, while 108 arrests (70%) were based on investigations and information. Geographically, Giza recorded the highest number of arrests with 73 arrestees (47%), followed by Cairo with 32 arrestees (20%). A significant portion, 66% of the arrestees, worked independently without a pimp or manager, and social media played a crucial role in sex work, with 22.7% of sex workers using it to offer their services. The gender and social background analysis reveals that 87 women (56%), 13 men (8.44%), and 54 individuals (35%) of both genders were arrested. Additionally, 144 heterosexual individuals (93%) and 10 LGBTQ+ individuals (6.4%) were arrested, highlighting the state’s focus on marginalized communities. The report also provides a historical perspective on sex work in Egypt, tracing its regulation and criminalization from the late 19th century to the present day. It critiques the current legal framework, which often conflates voluntary sex work with human trafficking, leading to severe legal and social repercussions for sex workers. This comprehensive report aims to bring transparency to the issues surrounding sex work in Egypt, shedding light on the systemic injustices faced by sex workers and advocating for their rights and dignity. For a detailed understanding of the legal and social dynamics of sex work in Egypt, read the full report below.


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