Cairo 52 is a research Institute, that aims to restore the balance to the scale of justice by reproducing simplified legal materials and connecting those materials to the concept of basic human rights, as it was stated in national and international laws and as it is protected in the Egyptian constitution. The Center will enable people access to know their full legal rights, as stated in the Egyptian Constitution and international law, without misleading or failing to fully state the facts to persons in the event that they appear before the law enforcers.

The Institute was established by a group of people, who are passionate about human rights and as an attempt to break the chains that were imposed by the elites of the Egyptian society on all those who sought change in defiance of the policy of gagging the voices of change imposed by the Egyptian state, by its people and its government.


Legal Research

Legal Aid

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Documentation & Archive


Providing legal materials to assist human rights lawyers, who work on the issues of bodily integrity and sexual freedom with their work.

Enabling marginalized individuals to access to justice.

Establishing the principles of bodily integrity, social equality, sexual freedom, and non-discrimination.

Create a safe for everyone to express their opinion freely without fear of stigma or bullying.

Providing legal support and protection for people persecuted because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Ensuring the right of access to legal information for marginalized groups.


A society that is legally aware of its basic, sexual and bodily human rights.


Re-disseminating legal knowledge in a simple way, spreading the principles of human rights and freedom of the body, providing legal services for the marginalized, and creating a platform to raise the voices of the voiceless

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