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A Complete Guide on Laws, Policies and Case Law Impacting the Human Rights of LGBTQ+ People in Egypt

Egypt has a complex legal framework, policies, and case laws that govern the human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. While the focus is often on laws used by Egyptian authorities to criminalize LGBTQ+ identities, the situation is more nuanced. Whether explicitly or de facto, through policies, laws, or case laws, the Egyptian authorities consistently employ various methods not only to criminalize LGBTQ+ identities but also to erase them from society and public life. These methods include denying legal gender recognition for transgender individuals through case law and implementing new education policies purportedly aimed at “protecting youth from corrupt LGBTQ+ identities.” The tools utilized by Egyptian authorities are numerous and intricate. Each year, new tools are introduced, often through new policies or judicial interpretations, further discriminating against LGBTQ+ individuals and limiting their human rights. This report seeks to identify, document, and analyze the often overlooked laws, policies, and case laws employed by Egyptian authorities to actively discriminate against, criminalize, and deny constitutional human rights to LGBTQ+ individuals in the country. By examining how the Egyptian authorities operate and function about LGBTQ+ human rights, the report provides unique insights into the ease with which laws can be reinterpreted or new policies passed to undermine the attainment of human rights by LGBTQ+ individuals. Finally, the report presents actionable recommendations for stakeholders and local allies in Egypt, offering possible avenues for addressing the human rights challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals by the Egyptian government. It serves as a crucial resource for those seeking to comprehend the legal realities experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals in Egypt. It provides practical entry points for addressing the issues raised in the report that may be more amenable to the Egyptian regime.


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