Cairo 52 is a research institute, that aims to restore the balance to the scale of justice by reproducing simplified legal materials and connecting those materials to the concept of basic human rights, as it was stated in national and international laws and as it is protected in the Egyptian constitution.

The institute will enable people access to know their full legal rights, as stated in the Egyptian Constitution and international law, without misleading or failing to fully state the facts to persons in the event that they appear before the law enforcers.

The institute was established by a group of people, who are passionate about human rights and as an attempt to break the chains that were imposed by the elites of the Egyptian society on all those who sought change in defiance of the policy of gagging the voices of change imposed by the Egyptian state, by its people and its government.

ElKarakhana: History of Sex Working in Modern Egypt between Legalization and Criminalization.

In this paper we examine the legislative history of the issue of sex working in modern Egypt and the legal path the Egyptian lawmaker took to address this issue from legalization to criminalization and how that reflected on other aspects of bodily and sexual rights in Egypt, in this paper you will find detailed legal history of laws, regulations and courts decisions that impacted bodily and sexual freedoms and the sex work profession in particular from 1834 to 2019.




Petition: Bring Tina Home

Tina is a Cypriot Transwoman who has been arrested and prosecuted in Egypt for incitement of debauchery, she has been in solitary confinement since January 2020. We call on the Egyptian and Cypriot authorities to work together to bring Tina back home so she can serve her sentence in Cyprus, something completely justifiable and just, as both governments have signed an extradition agreement to exchange citizens of both countries who have been arrested in the other country. We believe that bringing Tina back home is crucial to her wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

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