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The Supreme Constitutional Court was established by “Sadat” and its building was inaugurated by “Mubarak.” The Supreme Constitutional Court, based in Cairo, is a judicial body independent from the legislative and executive authorities in Egypt, and is specialized in several matters, most notably monitoring the compliance of laws with the articles of the constitution, as it was established in accordance with Law No. 48 of 1979 , Issued by former President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, and cases are referred to the court, if it appears to a court or body with jurisdiction during consideration of the unconstitutionality of a text in a law or regulation required to settle the dispute, the case is suspended and the papers are referred without fees to the Supreme Constitutional Court to decide on The issue: The defense can argue that one of the punitive articles used against its client is unconstitutional, provided that the defense Argument is serious.

The 1971 constitution was the first Egyptian constitution that included provisions regulating the constitutional oversight of laws. This oversight was entrusted to a special court called the “Supreme Constitutional Court,” and it regulated judicial oversight of the constitutionality of laws and regulations in five articles from Article 174 to Article 178.

Here in the Archive you can find the most important Supreme Constitutional Court rulings on the issues of Bodily and Sexual freedom in Egypt