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Case No 3/1987 – Lebanon

Litigation Degree: First
Case No: 03/1987
Issuing Court: Court of First Instances 
Judgement: Favourable, the request for legal gender recognition from female to male was granted 
Judgement Date: 01/07/1987

The plaintiff lodged a lawsuit before the Lebanese judiciary, seeking an order to amend her official information in the State’s official registers to reflect her gender transition from male to female. The Court granted the lawsuit based on the plaintiff’s medical examinations and two surgical interventions aimed at rectifying her gender, thereby rendering her external appearance as female incompatible and incongruous with her existing records. 

Plaintiff X lodged a petition before the Lebanese single judge seeking a modification of her personal data in the official documents to align with her gender transition from male to female. The plaintiff, who was previously married and had children, experienced exacerbated conflicts with her wife following two gender-affirming surgeries to change her gender. Additionally, the plaintiff was subjected to a forensic examination and underwent police investigations, which affirmed the plaintiff’s female gender identity. It was established that, in light of marriage and childbirth, the individual was entitled to request a correction of her gender. However, a chromosomal examination revealed that the plaintiff possessed male chromosomal composition.

The Court has granted the claim and rendered a decision stating that the plaintiff’s personal information should be modified to correspond with her present gender. The Court’s ruling was based on the discrepancy between the plaintiff’s physical appearance and the information on official records, which justified the requested modification. Furthermore, the Court’s decision considered the findings of the police investigation and medical examinations, but did not specifically address chromosomal analysis.

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