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Case No. 4019/50 JY – Egypt

Litigation Degree: Second
Case No: 4019/50 JY
Issuing Court: Supreme Administrative Court
Judgment: Favorable, the plaintiff was readmitted to Al-Azhar University  
Subject: Right to Education to Transgender People after Obtaining Legal Gender Recognition 
Judgment Date: 28/09/1999

The plaintiff filed a claim before the Egyptian judiciary to overturn Al-Azhar University’s decision to suspend her after she underwent a sex change procedure from male to female and changed her name from Sayed to Sally. She then retrieved new documents in her new name, which resulted in her suspension from Al-Azhar University. She appealed the university president’s decision to the Supreme Administrative Court, which accepted the appeal and annulled the university president’s decision, who issued a decision to not enroll Sally at the university, but then the court overturned that decision as well.

The plaintiff Sally filed a claim before the Egyptian judiciary for reversing the decision of the university administration to suspend her, and re-enroll her at the Women’s Faculty instead of the Men’s Faculty, to match the sex correction procedure that the plaintiff underwent at Zamalek Hospital on 29/1/1988, after she had undergone two to three years of hormonal treatment. The plaintiff subsequently issued a new certificate of enrollment, No. 491, on 11/5/1988. She was also issued a national ID card from the office of Al-Matareyah Civil Registry in Cairo Governorate, No. 112516, on 25/9/1988, as well as a passport in her new name, Sally, and her new sex as female. She was also married on 4/7/1990, and the administration of Al-Azhar University suspended her on 13/4/1988.

The President of Al-Azhar University refused to re-enroll the plaintiff by decision No. 266, contrary to the decision of the Administrative Court. The court subsequently annulled him in case No. 4019/50 of 28/9/1999, which the plaintiff filed on 10/2/1996.

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