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Case No. Unknown for 2023 – Syria

Litigation Degree: First
Case No: Unknown of 2023
Issuing Court: Civil Status Court
Judgment: Favorable, the request for legal gender recognition from female to male was granted
Judgment Date: 2023


The plaintiff, Naji, initiated a lawsuit before the Syrian judiciary seeking a modification of his name and sex information in official documents in accordance with his authentic gender identity. Two medical assessments conducted on the plaintiff confirmed his male sexual and psychological identity. Consequently, the Syrian Civil Status Court approved the lawsuit and directed the relevant authorities to effectuate the name and sex change for the plaintiff.


The plaintiff (Naji) lodged a lawsuit with the Syrian court seeking to modify their name from Najwa to Naji and to change their gender from female to male on official and identification documents. The plaintiff acknowledged having experienced gender dysphoria from a young age and presented external male characteristics. Furthermore, the plaintiff underwent a medical assessment of their reproductive system, which confirmed their male gender identity. Another medical assessment was conducted, establishing their psychological identity as male rather than female.


The Syrian Civil Status Court has granted acceptance to the case and has assigned the civil status authorities with the responsibility of modifying the plaintiff’s legal documents to align with the inherent characteristics of their newly acquired gender. Nevertheless, the court mandates that the plaintiff’s civil status and gender identity must be duly specified in the marriage records and associated limitations.


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