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Fatwa 94 – UAE

Fatwa Number: 94/2013
Issuing Date:
General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
Issuing Authority:
General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
What is the judgement on sex correction and sex change surgeries?
Fiqh Rule:
Sex change surgeries, which aim to alter an individual’s sexual and physical characteristics to transition from one gender to another, are strictly prohibited in Fiqh due to their perceived alteration of Allah’s creation. In contrast, sex correction, procedures aimed at rectifying organic physical dysfunctions that have resulted in ambiguities regarding an individual’s sex are deemed lawful. These corrective interventions seek to alleviate pathological conditions and remove doubts concerning an individual’s assigned sex, ensuring alignment with their true biological sex. It is important to note that such interventions do not constitute a modification of Allah’s creation, but rather a legitimate remedy aimed at restoring health and well-being. It is worth mentioning that sexual orientation is not directly addressed within this context and therefore does not warrant specific expression or treatment.

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