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Case No. Unknown of 2008 – Bahrain

Litigation Degree: Third
Case No: Unknown of 2008
Issuing Court: High Court
Judgement: Favourable, request for document change was granted; however, the plaintiff was intersex and not transgender
Judgement Date: 19/06/2008

The plaintiff initiated a lawsuit before the court of Bahrain seeking to modify his personal information in official documents following a gender correction surgery from female to male. The Bahraini court admitted the case and the judiciary ordered the amendment of his data to align with his present gender.

The plaintiff, Mr. Hussein, a broadcaster aged thirty-five, has initiated legal proceedings before the Bahraini judiciary against the Minister of Health and the Immigration Department. He seeks to have his personal information, including his name and gender, modified on official documents. Specifically, he requests that his name be changed from “Zainab” to “Hussein” following two corrective surgeries undergone in Thailand in 2006 and 2007. These surgeries aimed to address a congenital condition characterised by the presence of both male external and female internal genitalia. The plaintiff has undergone a forensic medical examination, which has verified the presence of male chromosomes in his biological makeup.

After conducting the forensic medical examination, the court, on 20/7/2008, granted acceptance of the case and ordered the relevant authorities and committees to effectuate the modification of the plaintiff’s personal information. This involved changing the plaintiff’s name from Zainab to Hussein, as well as adjusting their sex from female to male on official documents, including their personal ID card, birth certificate, and passport. This ruling was a direct consequence of the decision made by the High Civil Court, which sanctioned the rectification of the plaintiff’s sex from female to male.



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