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Case No Unknown 2 of 2022 – Jordan

Litigation Degree: First
Case No: Unknown 2 of 2022
Issuing Court: Unknown 
Judgment: Unfavorable, the request for legal gender recognition was denied
Judgment Date: 2022

The Jordanian court rejected the petition submitted by the plaintiff seeking a legal gender change from male to female and a name change to Brihan, after undergoing gender-confirming surgery in Thailand, following the plaintiff’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Nevertheless, the Court determined that the applicant possessed male genetic and chromosomal attributes, leading to the dismissal of the case.

The plaintiff lodged a lawsuit before the Jordanian court seeking a legal determination to change her gender designation from male to female. Furthermore, she requested the modification of her personal information on official documents, including her birth certificate, passport, and personal identification card, in order to align with her completed gender-affirming procedures. These procedures encompassed the alteration of the plaintiff’s name to “Brihan”. The plaintiff also highlighted her long-standing struggle with gender identity disorder and her exhibited female attributes since childhood, ultimately leading her to undergo surgery in Thailand.

The court dismissed the claim on the grounds that, in its judgment, the claimant’s filing and request to amend the documents were a result of the artificial medical procedures rather than the plaintiff’s disorder. The Court also took into consideration the fact that the medical examination had assessed the applicant’s genetic and chromosomal traits.


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