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Case No Unknown of 2022 – Jordan

Litigation Degree: Third
Case No: Unknown of 2022
Issuing Court: Court of Cassation
Judgment: Unfavourable, the request for legal gender recognition was denied
Judgment Date: 2022

The claimant, Aisha, commenced legal action before the Jordanian court to request the alteration of her personal information in official documents to align with the gender-affirming procedures she underwent. Initially, the Court ruled in favour of the claim; however, the decision was subsequently contested by the State Administration Prosecution. Following this, the claimant lodged an appeal against the challenge with the Court of Cassation, which dismissed the appeal due to its failure to meet the formal requirements for appeals.

The plaintiff (Aisha) initiated a lawsuit before the Jordanian court seeking a legal remedy to alter her name from (Ahmed) to (Aisha) and to modify the gender designation on her identification card and official documents from male to female, in accordance with the plaintiff’s gender-affirming procedures.

Initially, a lower Court granted the acceptance of the case in 2020 and issued an order to the competent authorities to rectify the official documents in alignment with the plaintiff’s updated jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the State Administration Prosecution lodged an appeal against the aforementioned decision, prompting the Court to grant the appeal and annul the initial judgement. In response, the plaintiff lodged an appeal against the appeal to the Court of Cassation. At the commencement of 2022, the Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal on the basis that it failed to meet the formal requirements for appeals and necessitated permission for Cassation as stipulated in the Code of Civil Procedure.


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