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Country: jordan

Fatwa 2745 – Jordan

Fatwa Number: 2745/2012Issuing Date: 26/11/2012Mufti: Fatwa CommitteeIssuing Authority: Jordanian Dar Al-IftaQuestion: How does Islam perceive the concept of the “third

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Fatwa 245 – Jordan

Fatwa Number: 245/2017Issuing Date: 21/11/2017Mufti: Advisory, Research and Islamic Studies CouncilIssuing Authority: Jordanian Dar Al-IftaQuestion: What is the Fiqh opinion

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Case No 2092/2014 – Jordan

Litigation Degree: ThirdCase No: 2092/2014Issuing Court: Court of CassationJudgment: Favourable request for documents change was granted; however, the Court justified

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